AiGIA Health: Presented at CONFER Congress 2021

CONFER – Conference of the Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi is one of the most important multidisciplinary events in the field of national oncology, long-awaited every year. The 2021 scientific program included pre-conference courses, presentation sessions, debates, roundtables in medical oncology, radiotherapy, oncology surgery, basic oncology, palliative medicine, and new approaches to current medical practice.

It was also noted an incredible involvement among young oncologists, both specialists, and residents, a desire to assert themselves and proactivity, especially in the medical-tech area. More than 50 entries of works by young oncologists of all categories were present from all over the country.

AiGIA Health was present at the session on therapeutic progress in Oncology in 2021. Our medical VP of Oncology, Dr. Elena Dumitrescu, pointed out the problems doctors face in current medical practice: unstructured medical data, difficult to analyze in dynamics, complicated research, lack of automation and a professional platform for teleconsultations. Then presented the solution to these problems: AiGIA Health, the AI-augmented medical assistant with clinical and academic implications.

The idea of ​​testing the application’s functionalities based on a concrete oncological clinical case was well received by the doctors present at the congress, understanding even better the need for medical digitization.